Assistance policy

For the users of the assistance service

Users Privacy is essential for Nanosystems S.r.l.; this means, first of all, to ensure that you’re able to know exactly how data are used and collected, for what purpose, and, above all, that you are provided with all relevant information to make the right choice in the use of our assistance service.

This privacy policy provides information about the personal data collected from Nanosystems S.r.l. during the activity of technical assistance provided to you, and consequently, the way in which such data are used.

We wish to inform you that Nanosystems s.r.l., following the principles defined by the Regulation (UE) 2016/679 (also known as GDPR) and by Chapter II, Title I of D.Lgs. 196/2003, as amended by D.Lgs. 101/2018 (“Code regarding personal data protection”) provides for your Personal Data protection while processed; for this reason, processing of personal data will be done in a fair, lawful, transparent way to protect your privacy and your rights.

Personal data controller

Nanosystems S.r.l. with C.F. e VAT No.: IT01085650446 with its registered office at Via del Commercio 76/A-Ascoli Piceno (AP), 63100, Italy, ph. n.: +390736341316; you may contact at any time to receive any further clarification about policies adopted by our company on data protection.

Category of data collected

  • Personal Data provided by the data subject needed to contact Nanosystems s.r.l. through the online Form: All forms you may find in our websites and our software are connected to the assistance platform Zendesk ( that receivs, processes and gives us back your request forwarded as a “ticket” having a unique numerical code. Data insered by the user are:
    • Name, email address, object and message (required fields);
    • Acquired License Number (required field);
    • Attached, if any (optional field).
  • Personal Data collected if the assitance activity is made through a connection to your computer:
    • ID of the involved person;
    • IP of the involved person;
    • Beginning of the control session (data and time – Greenwich Mean Time [GMT]);
    • End of the control session (data and time – Greenwich Mean Time [GMT]).
  • Personal Data freely provided by the data subject that are marked as optional: You are free to refuse to provide such data, without any consecuence on the availability of the service or of its functioning.

During the technical assistance you will provided with, it is possible that the professional may see and/or get in touch with your or other subject’s personal data you process; as the purpose of the contract is technical assistance on hardware/software, Nanosistems S.r.l. and it’s technicians referred to operate the technical assistance activity, do not collect nor process such data.

Data Recipient

Following the completion of the assistance Form that you can find inside the websites, shall be considered recipient of the data colelcted the following entities appointed by Nanosystems as process responsibles following art. 28 of GDPR:

Purpose of the processing of the collected data

Personal data collected during the connection to the websites will be processed in accordance with the general principles of necessity, fairness, relevance and not surplus and in particular the data processing will occur in order to:

  1. Improve quality of our services;
  2. Administrative management of the relationship;
  3. Follow up possible requests from the Judicial Authority.

Modalities for data processing

Data processing and storage will be carried out with the assistance of informatics tools, in a manner that guarantees the integrity, security and privacy.

Personal Data freely provided will be processed for the duration of the contract and within the limits achieving the purpose, in order to manage all the requests that may come during the use of the products. After such period, data will be pseudonymised for statistical analysis, while, if it will be necessary processing the data for the purposes of the point c) above, such data will be ascribed to the single person through the additional information stored by the Personal Data Controller separately.

All Data pseudonymised will be stored for no more than 72 months and, after such period, they will be definitively anonymized.

Exercise of rights by data subject

Following art. 13.2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, data subject can, at any moment, exercise the following rights: ask the data controller the access to the Personal Data, the rectification, the erasure, the restriction, the objection to processing, the data portability, and to complaint with a supervisory authority.